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シリア「フードパッケージ」支援 / Support for "Food Package" inside Syria(2016)

シリア国内で、自らも厳しい状況にありながら、フランスのNGO・SOS Syrieと協力して、食料不足に直面している家族に向けて、「フードパッケージ」を配布している友人がいます。
My Syrian friend -although he also facing difficult situation -is working with "SOS Syrie" for deliver "food package" inside Syria.
One "Food Package" support one month of one family. The cost is about 35$.
I would like to do something for my friend, so I decide to sell my old travel essay named "All About My Spain" and send all profit to him.
The original price of the book is 1,000 yen. And I will sell 2,000 yen to 10,000 yen in this time.
You can buy in the website as below by your credit card.
Although the book is written in Japanese, please join this activities! 

※postal fee for overseas country would be expensive, so it would be grateful if you choose more than 3000 yen.


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